Gantt Street Baptist Church Services Restart

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

The puzzling and perplexing question for churches, including ours, is when and how to return to regular schedules. The church leadership is proposing the following method.

Beginning with Sunday May 17th and continuing into the month of June we will restart our services on Sunday mornings (only) with one service at 11:00.  (No Sunday School, Junior Church, or Nursery) Junior Church, Sunday night and Wednesday's services will continue during this time online by live stream. This will do two things: 

  1. It will allow our cleaning personnel to adequately sanitize our facilities between services and even more during the week.
  2. It will allow us to gradually restart our services while monitoring the medical data to insure that the infection rate is declining and becoming less contagious. 

During May's scaled back schedule I would recommend (not require) that everyone 75 or older, or who may have a compromised immune system, not attend the services but wait until June to return. Obviously, anyone who is sick should stay home until completely well.

If an additional morning service is needed due to maximizing social distancing requirements within the auditorium it will be scheduled for 9:30 am and will include the same message and special music. (No choir until July)

Each service will be limited up to a certain number of people, to allow for social distancing guidelines and will be marked off and designated accordingly. We are asking each individual or family to notify the church the week of each service if you plan to attend by emailing or calling our church office to insure that appropriate seating is available.  We are also asking those attending to refrain from entering the church building until 15 minutes prior to each service. Then as soon as each service concludes we request that minimal loitering inside the church occur. This will allow sanitizing efforts to be accomplished quickly and efficiently. Each person or family will use their own discretion about wearing protective masks, however it would be initially advised if available.

Due to public schools being closed through the end of this academic year, our youth clubs and teen activities are being postponed until later in the summer. Tentatively we are scheduling our AWANA Clubs to meet and have their end of the year parties and their Awards ceremony during the month of July.

Presently we are seeing an encouraging trend indicating a decline in the infection per day rates here in S.C. The Department of Health and Environmental Control is projecting that these rates will continue to substantially drop to much lower levels. If that does not happen and instead a spike in infections occurs we will readdress these recommendations and respond to you accordingly.

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